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James Warren Tea Limited is running schools for the underprivileged through various government schemes such as Angawadi/ Sarvasiksha. The Company has its own lower primary schools which are run by our Tea Estates. The company also has the facility of a school bus for ferrying children from their homes to school, which is a great boon for them.


All executives are made to participate in CSR activities. We have set up clubs to educate our labour about issues such as good hygiene and preventing common diseases. Our executives and strong medical team in each estate continually try to increase awareness amongst all employees.


The company also has hospitals in each of its estates for the population living in and around the estate to cater to them in times of illness or other health related issues. The medicines prescribed to the people are given absolutely free of cost.


We believe in providing recreational activities within the estates. Football and hockey are given great importance and executives play every evening with the labour. 


Preserving the ecosystem is given importance. We continually plant various crops within the estates and create natural water bodies to maintain an ecological balance.


Ration is also provided to workers and staffs at a subsidized rate.



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